Double Cookin’ Album Launch Colne 2019

Hi, all,

Here is a preview of a couple of tracks from our album, which we will be releasing at Muni Theatre, Colne, Lancs on Saturday 24th August, to coincide with our mainstage slot at 2.50pm.

These tracks are currently work in progress, so there are no vocals or keyboards down yet.

Just a little teaser for ya…

Double Cookin’ – The Cod Eye Session

Good morning!

We are busy writing the album at the moment, which is on track to be released at The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival, Colne, in August this year.

The video is a little sneak preview of our writing session on Friday 15th Feb, working title “The Cod Eye Session”

The album is on schedule. One song is now completed, ready to release and the rhythm tracks for another four songs are due to be recorded on the 15th March.

We have a full video production lined up for that session, which should give us some footage of the recording session.

The aim is to contribute this footage to the promotional videos for the album release.

Thanks for dropping by!

Double Cookin’

Video filmed and edited by Lou Maggs.

Rehearsal room provided by Martyn Baker at YouGig.

Mexican Wave by Molly the Yellow Lab.

“Hotplate Jam” (instrumental) now on YouTube

Good evening,

We are excited to share, with you, our latest YouTube video; this time, of an original instrumental from our video shoot on 1st December, which we’ve called “Hotplate Jam”

This was an improvisation at the start of our video demo recording session. Frazer, Lou and Jay started noodling around a couple of chords and I had, fortuitously, just finished setting record levels when they started up, so the recorder was still rolling when I picked up the bass and joined in.

There is a possibility that an incarnation of this track may be a part of our new album, which we are looking to release at Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival in Colne, Lancashire, UK next year, where we play the main stage Muni Theatre on August Bank Holiday Saturday.

In other news; the vocal video demo is still in mix; sorry it’s taking so long, I have a couple of sessions that I need to finish off before I can free up the studio time to work on our own stuff.

Lou and I are on a creative roll at the moment, so there are some new songs to try out when we get the turkey out of the way.

More festival and party dates to be announced soon – we are now taking bookings for 2020, though there are a few dates still left in 2019. Call us for a chat, it’s free in the UK!

Double Cookin’ Bookin: UK Freefone 0800 832 1 831

Meanwhile, enjoy the track and thanks for dropping by!

Double Cookin’

YouTube Demo Recording – update

Hi, everyone, just a quick update for you regarding our video demo today.

Firstly, a big shout out to Martyn Baker at for the use of his amazing houseboat studio in Shoreham, Sussex.

We used our own equipment for the recording, so we just ran a dry hire.

Which leads quite nicely into…

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Video services available on request.

*** end of plug ***

We managed to get four songs and a jam recorded, plus video footage of all takes.

Unfortunately, Marcelle was a wee bit under the weather today and we made the decision to re-record vocals on another session.

However…we know you’re all itching to have a listen to the band.

So, the best we can offer you at this moment is some footage of Frazer Wigg (Keys), Lou Maggs (Guitar), Nigel Ball (Bass) and Jay Sturland (Drums) having a warm-up jam.

This will be ready as soon as I edit the audio/visuals. I’m fitting this in around existing sessions and will be aiming to upload something on YouTube by midweek this week.

Thank you for your continued patience, while we work on this stuff.

Regrettably, too many bands post inferior audio or video as their online demo and this is ultimately counterproductive.

Meanwhile, enjoy your Christmas shopping (mine will be done at 5pm on Christmas Eve, as always…) and we will update in a few days with a link when we have something online -)